Basic information About UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION-A introduction

Historical Background: One of the main demands of the political movement that the nationalists launched during the Indian Independence Movement was that there should be recruitment in the Public Service Commission in India, because then its examination was done in England. The first public service commission was established in October 1926. After independence, Public Commission was established on October 26, 1950 under constitutional provisions. Besides giving constitutional status to it, autonomy was also provided so that it could recruit qualified officers without any pressure. This newly established Public Service Commission was named as Union Public Service Commission.

Constitutional provision: It is a constitutional institution as it has been established under Article 315 of the Constitution. The Generality Commission consists of 9 to 11 members, including the President, the Union Public Service Commission is the main body for the recruitment of civil servants, who organizes various administrative examinations in the Central and Union Territories.

The Commission organizes nearly a dozen examinations for various services, such as engineering, medical, forest service etc.

Indian engineering service
Indian economic and statistical service
Ground service
Special Class Railway Trainee Service
Joint medical service
Central police service
Joint defense service
National defense service

At present, the Union Public Service Commission elects the candidates for 24 services through the Civil Services Examinations; Of these, the most well known Indian administrations, Indian Police Service and Indian Revenue Service.


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