What is SSC and how to prepare for this

What is SSC and how to prepare for this

The main reason of failure after hard work is only two

1.Incomplete information on getting ready or not in accordance with the exam!
2.Do not know the correct strategy of the exam or get the right guidance!

Failure even after hard work is very disappointing, but if we find out the reason of failure rather than being discouraged and remove it, then they can be successful.

Today we will tell you how to prepare for the SSC and for this you will have to go to the SSC syllabus.
First of all, whatever we do or want to do, we should have complete knowledge about it, only then it is successful, we get confused with incomplete information, let us understand and understand that today we meet together What is the SSC?

how does it work ? How many steps are there in this? What is SSC Syllabus? And how can it be cleared?

What is SSC and what is the full form of SSC?

Full name of SSC – Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

The full form of SSC is “Staff Selection Commission” in Hindi, it is a selection board which selects employees for Group “B” Group “C” for the Central Government departments.Staff Selection Commission was established in 1977.

It conducts an examination for the appointment of employees for various departments of the Central Government, whose information is found on the official website of the SSC, it conducts various types of exams and students can participate in the examination according to their qualifications.

Various types of competitive examination of SSC –
.CGL ( Combined Graduate Level)
.CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level)
.STENO (Stenography).JE (Junior Engineer )
.CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces)

1.Level of SSC (CHSL)
The SSC (CHSL) exam is completed in three stage (level), which is named TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3. To participate in this examination, 12th pass examination should be passed, and minimum age limit of 18 years and maximum age of 27 years has been laid, the candidate coming under the purview of reservation is provided with the provision of leave under Government rule. If you have 12th pass and want to get government jobs, this test will prove to be a boon for you.

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This examination is computer-based (based), it comes with objective type questions. In this you will get 60 minutes and there will be 100 questions from 2 to 2 digits. There will also be negative marking.
Syllabus of SSC –

Tier 1
General Fertility (Reasoning)
English (general)
general awareness
Numerical prudence

Tier 2
At this stage, the candidate will have to give a written examination, which will be 100 marks, in it, 200 to 250 words will be written in an essay and 100 -150 words in a letter.

Tier 3
In this phase Typing Test will be taken and Computer Knowledge will also be tested,
35 WPM in English Typing (Word Per Minute)
Speed of 30 WPM in Hindi Typing is mandatory.

Preparation of SSC
Through our website, you will got the information of the SSC, which was unaware of the SSC so far, would also benefit greatly, now we have complete information about what we want to do, then let us start with friends how to do  prepration of SSC

Now what kind of prepration to be done, which can be successfully achieved by the right strategy in the endeavor and success in it –

First of all understand the Exam format
Many students make this mistake, the first and foremost thing to clear the SSC exam is to understand the Exam pattern and the SSC syllabus, without understanding the format of the exam, it is not appropriate.
First we should understand what he is trying to ask and what we have to read. For this, prepare the Examination of Exam Format and know about the SSC syllabus well.

The right strategy
Success in any exam depends on our right strategy, and the right strategy comes from the right knowledge and experience, we must have the right information about the syllabus to make the right strategy.
After this, we should provide material (books and notes) of that SSC syllabus. Now we have SSC full details, SSC full form, full name of SSC, full form of SSC in Hindi, how SSC is, how to prepare for SSC English.
The SSC preparation, SSC exam, SSC exam and SSC examination have all the information, we will now have time table and study the subjects selected from time to time.

As we know, questions based on 4 subjects in SSC exams are asked, then we just have to study those 4 subjects, they have to understand, we have understood these 4 topics correctly, if we remember, we will definitely succeed. Let’s know, we have to read what we have to read.

First topic – general intelligence (Reasoning)
Reasoning is a subject in which attention is given on the compatibility of time, we have to increase our speed to solve the realization and it is possible only by continuous effort.

We can take any books for the Reasoning, along with this we can solve our speed by solving the last 10 years of question papers and also find out about your skills. Along with this, we can also continue it using Android application in the phone.

Second topic – English (general)

English is an international language, its knowledge is very important in today’s era, some of the topics of English Grammar are asked in SSC, like –

Finding mistakes, filling in empty spaces, removing synonyms / synonyms, passions, spelling spelling mistakes, idioms and phrases, word substitution, sentence improvement, action of action and disobedience, conversion of direct and indirect statements, Forwarding, converting sentences in a paragraph, passage, paragraph comprehension.

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For the English subject, we must read Grammar. There are so many books available in the market, along with that we can download English learning application from Play Store and we can also study with the help of it. We can also prepare for this by reading an English daily daily.

Third topic – general awareness

Candidates in this subject are asked about the events in the world and around the world, the questions related to India and its neighboring countries will be asked in the examination, especially their history, culture, geography, economic scenario, general policy and scientific research. Etc. will be included.

To study this topic, we must read the daily newspaper and read the article. We should also use the Internet for information related to every subject.

Fourth Subject – Numerical Qualification

This topic explains your intelligence that there are so many topics in this subject, whose study and continuous practice puts the foundation of your success.

Number system – computation of whole, decimal and different numbers, relationship between numbers, basic arithmetic operation: percentage, ratio, square root, average, interest (simple and mixed), profit and loss, discounts, partnership business, mixing and matching, Time and distance, time and work

Algebra – School algebra and primary (simple problems only) and graphs of linear formulas.

Geometry – Introduction to Primary Geometric Statistics and Facts: The angles of the triangle and its miscellaneous centers, congruence and similarity of triangles, circles, diagonals, two or more than two circles.

Radiometry – The triangle, regular polygon, circle, right triangle, right circle cone, right circle periphery, sphere, hemispheric, rectangular, regular right pyramid and triangular or square basis.

Standard recognition such as trigonometry-trigonometry, trigonometric ratios, complementary angles, height and distance (simple problems only) sin20 + cos20 = 1 etc.

Statistical chart – Use of table and graph: histogram, frequency polygon, bar-diagram, pie chart.

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