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What is SSC and how to prepare for this

The main reason of failure after hard work is only two 1.Incomplete information on getting ready or not in accordance with the exam! 2.Do not know the correct strategy of the exam or get the right guidance! Failure even after hard work is very disappointing, but if we find out the reason of failure rather

Assistant 7 points for knowledge growth

Keep the mind open: Learning often challenges our perceptions and our predefined response is to ignore the measures that do not match our thinking. Do not reject any such thing automatically because it does not match well with your current world. Understand your prejudices. Prejudice, or leaning towards a certain type of thinking, arises in

8 important points to crack civil services examination

1.If you want to become a civil servant, change your value orientations to becoming sincere, disciplined and committed.Start by reading online about the people who have cleared these exams. Take a look at their strategy. 2.Picking up recommended books and right study material is of utmost importance. The NCERT books are thought to be must-read

Improve your learning skills by these learning ideas

Newspapers are great sources of local, regional, national, and worldly news. select the news paper which increase your knowledge Some are better than others, but newspapers offer reasonably updated information on politics, sports, fashion, food, and a diversity of other interest. During the siting or study hour include some activities that fresh your mind Play audio