Success story of Govind Jaiswal, whose father was a Rickshaw puller

This is the story of Govind Jaiswal, Govind’s father was a rickshaw-driver, in the narrow streets of Benares, Govind’s family, living in a 12 by 8 room rented, could barely have passed through. From above, this room was a place where there was too much noise, it was also difficult to talk to each other in the noise of the factories and generators.
To avoid the surrounding noise, he used cotton in his ears, and at that time when there were too much disturbance, he used to learn Maths, and when there were some peace, he could read other subjects. He used to teach candles.There were 12 hours of power cuts in their area.

He was school topper from the beginning and was very good in the science subjects, so after 12th, many people advised him about engineering. This idea came once in his mind, but when it came to know that the fee of application form is only 500 rupees, he dropped this idea, and complete his graduation from BHU.
Govind was studying to fulfill his dream of becoming an IAS officer and went to Delhi for final preparation, but at the same time his father had a deep wound in his feet and he became unemployed. In this case, the family sold a single property, a small land for 30,000 rupees so that Govind could complete his coaching. And Govind did not disappoint them, at the age of 24, in his first attempt (Year 2006), he brought his place of 48th to 474 successful candidates and changed the life of his family.

Success story of Govind Jaiswal, whose father was a Rickshaw puller


Having the command on Maths, he chose Philosophy and History for the mains, and studied them from the beginning, he says that-

Tamanna Dahiya, Abandoned all the amenities for success

No subject is difficult in this world, just your dishonesty should be the will-power to crack it.
Due to lack knowledge of English, he say, “Language is not a problem, it just needs self-confidence. My ability to read and express in Hindi made me achiever. If you are confident in expressing your thoughts then nobody can stop you from succeeding. No language is inferior or superior. This is simply a perception created by society. Learning a language is not a big deal – trust yourself. At first I knew Hindi only, in the IAS academy, I strengthened my grip on English. Our world is horizontal – this is the perception of people who make it vertical, and they make someone inferior and make someone superior. ”

The height of the IAS officer, Aarti Dogra of Ajmer (Rajasthan) may be small, but his work has elevated him
This success of Govind shows, if any one with determination and hard work gets involved in achieving his goal, then he gets success. Today he has been made an IAS officer today, but the story of his struggle will always inspire us.

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