Story of Anudeep Durishetty, IAS UPSC Topper 2018, Rank 1 Interview

Story of Anudeep Durishetty, IAS UPSC Topper 2018, Rank 1 Interview

Union Public Service Commission has declared the results of the year 2017 examination. This time the total number of 990 candidates has been postponed and Anandeep Durrishetty of Hyderabad is the top of the examination.
BITS Pilani, B.E. from Rajasthan Anupadhyay, an alternative subject of Anandip (Electronics and Instrumentation), was anthropology. The BBC has a special conversation with Apudeep I am very happy and am aware of the responsibility that is waiting for me next. More than rank is the responsibility that is ahead of me. I thank my family members, friends and teachers who supported me.

Anudeep says that I have reached here only on my hard work today. There is no substitute for hard work. They say, whatever we do, whether we are testing or playing any sport, our goal should always be to achieve excellence. I learned this from my father and applied it in the preparation of the exam.

Anudeep is fond of reading history. He is most impressed by the personality of Abraham Lincoln, the great President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Anandeep says that Abraham Lincoln has always been my source of inspiration. He is an example of a great leader. He led his country while facing challenges in very difficult situations. I always take inspiration from them.

Story of Anudeep Durishetty, IAS UPSC Topper 2018, Rank 1 Interview

Regarding his preparation, Anudeep explains that this is a very difficult examination because many capable people are preparing for it. Even today, the names of many capable people are on the list of selected candidates. What is more important than you are reading is that you are reading and studying.

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Anudeep was also elected in the Civil Services in 2013. Then he was selected for the Indian Revenue Service. “I am posted as assistant commissioner in Hyderabad. While working, I was preparing. Apart from the weekend, whenever I get the time, I prepare. I believe that quality and concentration of studies matter.


We should always try for the best. Only effort and effort for excellence counts. The result comes automatically. Anandeep is fond of reading and he is interested in football. From childhood, they play football and watch football matches.

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Anudeep says that football has always been an important part of my life. I play well and watch too much. Whenever there is tension, I also use it to relieve stress. Apart from this I am very fond of reading. I do not read fiction (fictional stories) but read books on the real topics.

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