Real Life Inspiration Karoly Takacs-A man who never accept defeat

This story is a 1938 Hungarian army whose name was Karoly Takacs. He was the best player of a pistol shooting, and his dream was that he won the gold medal in the Olympics in Pistol Shooting. It seemed his hard work, passion and record that this gold medal would be won in the Olympics in 1940.

The reason for this was that he was the best pistol shooter in Hungry country and he had won the national championship in this country. Just one of his dreams was the gold medal in the Olympics and he was just a little away from that dream because after two years later there were Olympics in 1940.

But suddenly he lost his all dreams , he was practicing in an army camp, an accident happened at that time. A hand grenade was exploded in his right hand and Karoly’s hands were so badly burnt now he could not do anything with that hand,hand was completely useless. In this accident, he lost his right hand.


He did not give up on such a big accident and in did not feel regret what happned with him. his all focus was on gold medal in the Olympics, his goal was very clear. His motive was strong like iron. He did not feel defeated and he decided no matter what happened to my right hand in this accident, I have a left hand, he decided that now i have my left hand and i will make my Left Hand world’s finest hand. (Pistol Shooting Hand)

After spending a month in the hospital, as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he again took his goal, yes he again started practicing pistol shooting from his right arm (Left Hand). He suffered a lot of pain in the beginning and suffered a lot of difficulties, but Karoly did not give up.

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Karoly practiced very furiously for one year, and after one year in 1939she came back to participate in the national championship in Hungary where no one knew that Karoly practiced with her left hand was doing . So other competitors (competitors) saw Karoly as if they all went to Chowk and then they felt that Karoly came here to encourage us, then all started to thank him but everyone was shocked when Karoly said here at the encouragement of you guys No, I came here to fight with you. i am here for shooting.

There was a fight of Karoly from those who were aiming at their best hands and Karoly was marking with his left hand, despite his victory in the National Championships of Hungary, and everyone was appreciating Karoly.
But Karoly did not stop there, that was the only goal (dream) from his childhood, he was to become the world’s best Pistol Shooter. So he started the practice of the Olympics which will now in 1940, and everyone began to think again that this time this time he would win the gold medal in Olympics and he was moving very well. But perhaps luck did not agree with this, fortune changed its position again and was canceled due to the 1940 World War.

His dream seemed to be blurred again, everyone began to feel that now everything was finished but Karoly did not accept defeat. He said, no matter if it does not happened next time will win the gold medal in 1944 and he continued his practice.

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But unfortunetly,in 1944, the Olympics were again canceled again due to World War. Now everyone had thought that Karoly’s dream would remain a dream and he would never be able to become a reality.
But nobody knew that Karoly was not one of those who accept defeat,he had only made it to win, he was a real fighter, the true winner, he would again be in 1948 Started preparing for the Olympics and this time participated in the Olympics. At that time, Karoly had been 38 years old and his competitors were very young enthusiasts. All were competing with their best hands and Karoly with his left arm, Karoly defeated them. And he won gold medal in pistol shooting. Yes, he done it.

The whole world was shocked how  it is  possible, but this was possible only by one person who never want to accept defeat and Karoly did not stop here until 1952 again he participated in the Olympics and won the gold medal again.

From Karoly’s life, we learn that if we have dreams, if there is trust in dreams, even if there are no adverse circumstances, but never give up. Regardless of the difficulties,no matter how much failure can be faced with it, we should not give up, neither should we bow down, we should not be tired, and we should continue to strive with positive thinking and that is what we Will earn success and make us a Winner.

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