How to learn and How we make this better for career opportunities

how to learn and how we make this better for career opportunities

Life-long learning is your keyword.

The world is constantly changing, and everybody is looking for new ways of doing business.
If you have decided that your current skills are good enough, you have also decided that your current job is good enough.
But if you want a career in the future, you should add regular updates to your skills and knowledge.

Before even considering following a career route, you must get to know yourself. A big majority of people go through life by following a well-established pattern. The sad part is, they don’t even like what they do or they just don’t really realize how many other things they could do.

Second, find your strengths. It is easier and a lot more fun to play to your strengths than to compensate for weaknesses. A great resource for identifying your strengths is Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath where you buy the book and then take an on-line assessment which generates a report of your top 5 strengths. Then see how you can start playing to your strengths!

Listen more than you talk. Be curious, open-minded and flexible, rather than having a fixed agenda and set of expectations. If you’ve had a good first meeting but aren’t sure where to go from there, ask if you can continue to check in with them occasionally and seek their guidance when you’re prepping for important interviews.

We live in an era of instant gratification, but your career won’t happen overnight. Don’t lose hope. Remember to celebrate your hard work. Feel proud of every small victory you make towards your dream job

“If you’re wondering how to collaborate to create more valuable innovation,” says Schrage, “you should begin by asking a new question: ‘How can innovation create more valuable people?’

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