GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering) Examination – Eligibility and Process

An All-India Examination Gate is for the full understanding of various subjects in the field of Engineering and Technology. GATE is organized by the National Coordination Board Gate (GATE), Higher Education Department, Human Resource Development Ministry (MHRD), Government of India and seven Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), by the Indian National Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. These eight institutions have the sole right to organize the GATE exam.

The main purpose of GATE is to assess the quality of students and evaluate whether they are eligible for higher studies in India’s premium institutions, or not.

Successful candidates can use gate digits to get employment in public sector units, and can also apply for government-aided associative programs.

What’s the best in the GATE

GATE is a great level, it does not make any difference to your participation in the Gate whether your previous academic performance or previous institutions were yours.
You can join this exam, if your score is good, then you are doing a PhD in IIT, IISc, studying in India or abroad, or you can fulfill your dream after paying attention to it.

Eligibility Criteria for GATE

1 B.Tech, Bachelor Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Technology (four years later, 10 + 2 or 3 years BSc, Engineering, Engineering in Technology) and which is in the last year of such programs.
2. Bachelor- Bachelor Degree in Architecture (Five Years Degree)
3. BSc (Research) BS-Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Post Diploma, four years later 10 + 2)
4. Master’s Degree from any branch of MSc, MA, MCA or equivalent – Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Application or equivalent.
5. Inter ME, MTech (Post BSc) – Post BSc Integrated Master Degree Program in Engineering, Technology (Four Years Program)
6. Professorial Society Examination (equivalent to BE, BTech, BAR) BE, B.Tech, Batch equivalent examination of professional society recognized by MHRD, UPSC, AICTE, e.g., AMI, Institution of Engineers India, AMICE) Civil Engineers Institute India.
7. GATE exams are held mostly in February and March.


Exam Format

1. Examination medium examination is online.
2. Number of letters- GATE examination is done for 23 letters, the candidate is allowed to sit in any one examination.
3. Duration of examination – The examination duration is 3 hours.
4. Number of questions – In the examination, a total of 65 questions are asked which are of 100 marks.
5. Types of Questions- GATE exam consists of questions of type of multi-option (MCQ) and Numerical type (NAT) type questions.
6. Common section in all gate questions – General question in all the question papers is the General Aptitude (GA) section, 10 questions are asked in this Saxon, which is 15 points.
7. New topics – Environment and Oceanic Science have been included.
8. Negative marking – 1/2 points instead of a wrong question.

GATE syllabus

Gate examination is currently for 23 papers. Therefore, the course of examination is different for every stream. GATE courses include AE, AR, AG, BT, CH, CE, CS, CY, EE, EC, EY, XE, GG, IN, ME, MA, MT, MN, PH, MT, PH, PE, PI, TF AMD XL streams have topics and topics.

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