Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself

Education is not preparation for life,Education is life itself

Education eliminates the darkness of the person. Its current and future is worth living. By Education , his dormant senses are awakened. His work capacity increases, which leads his life on the path of progress.The area of education is not limited. A person reads the lesson of education from life to death. In ancient times, education was in Gurukulan. The student returned home after receiving full education. But nowadays, teaching work is done in government and non-government schools.

When the student goes to study, his mental level begins to rise gradually. Various questions arise in his mind like how stars are shining? How does the person reach the sky? Is the earth round or flat? How does the picture in the radio sound and television?


All these questions are answered by education. As we progress in the field of education, our knowledge becomes elaborate. Knowledge of knowledge is not only word knowledge but meaning knowledge. If the meaning of the entire subject is not known, then it is a diligence factor or nonsense like the weight of sandalwood kept on the back of the donkey.That is, the way the donkey carrying sandal wood only keeps the knowledge of its weight but can not know the usefulness of sandalwood. In the same way, the scholars who study many scriptures without meaning are the beads of the volume weight just like those donkeys.

Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself

Education is the best money. It can not steal a thief too. Which grows on giving to others. Education abroad is a good friend. All the pleasures of wisdom, wisdom and religion, from religion and from religion, are received from humility. Wisdom is intense with knowledge.

Factors that inspire you for your target

While the kings won the battles at the point of sword and established the empire, Chanakya defeated the whole Nand dynasty with his wisdom and made Chandragupta king. Winning here is the wisdom that has been given by wisdom. Vidya and Sukhya can not be obtained simultaneously.

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Education gives inspiration to the individual through the light of knowledge, knowing good and bad and identifying self development. It is the first step education of progress. In its absence, we can not protect democracy and Indian culture or any culture.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

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