CAT (Common Addmission Test)-Eligiblity and Process

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2017 Every year, millions of students pass the graduation exams. Many of whom have a dream of doing master of business administration (MBA). The MBA course is done by many institutes but in India, the CAT exam conducted by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is considered in the list of important exams.There are millions of candidates who apply for CAT exams every year. That is why students are not easy to pass the exam. becaause students need constant study.

What is Cat?

CAT Common Admission Test. This is a computer based examination. Millions of students are included in this examination every year. This examination is organized by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Students of CAT study the Business Administration program and make a career in this field. The maximum age limit for this exam is not fixed.

What is I.I.M.?
I.I.M. The full name of the Indian Institute of Management is. I.I.M. By MBA The entrance exam is organized for the selection of students for the programs which are called CAT. The score provided by CAT is only for IIMs. Not only this but many other management schools are recognized by it.

What is the University Grant Commission(UGC)?

How much time is enough for cat preparation?
Experts and qualified students claim that if the student is studying smart and achieving goals, then six months of time is enough to prepare for the CAT exam. To get good marks in this examination, it is necessary for the candidates to get enough scores. Not enough score means that you answer all the questions. You should try for your selection, answer more and more questions and all answers are correct. Many students who got top positions in the past few years say that they have passed the examination by studying 2-3 hours daily in a period of six months. For this you need to be aware of the exam pattern.
How many numbers should be in the undergraduate for the CAT exam?
All those students who have passed 50% marks in graduation can participate in this entrance examination.

How many numbers are there in CAT exam?
CAT is a computer based examination in which 100 questions are asked. Questions are objective types. For one question 4 points are set. You are given 3 hours to solve all these questions. All questions mcq Patterns are asked in Answer the question you are fully aware of, On the wrong answers to 4 questions, one point is cut. The following three parts of the examination are asked questions-

1. Quantitative Aptitude – 28 points
2.World and reading comprehension – 44 points
3. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning – 28 Digits

When does the CAT 2018 begin to prepare?
If the year 2017 is considered to be the basis, then this year, the application process for the CAT examination is expected to start by August and the exams can be held in December. Accordingly, the test takers save about six months from now. This is enough time for candidates who are planning to join the exam this year. That’s why you should start your preparation right away and read it carefully.

Factors that inspire you for your target

Cat needs to be time management
Cat is such a test that you need to know about time management to pass. There are many types of questions in the examination, solve them first of these questions, which you can solve well. After answering all of the answers to all the questions you know very well, solve those questions in which you will be taking longer time. This will not waste your precious time. The questions related to many subjects are asked in the examination so give equal time to each subject.

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