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What is SSC and how to prepare for this

The main reason of failure after hard work is only two 1.Incomplete information on getting ready or not in accordance with the exam! 2.Do not know the correct strategy of the exam or get the right guidance! Failure even after hard work is very disappointing, but if we find out the reason of failure rather

Assistant 7 points for knowledge growth

Keep the mind open: Learning often challenges our perceptions and our predefined response is to ignore the measures that do not match our thinking. Do not reject any such thing automatically because it does not match well with your current world. Understand your prejudices. Prejudice, or leaning towards a certain type of thinking, arises in

Factors that inspire you for your target

At one time it happens in everyone’s life when all things are happening in your opposition and you get disappointment from all sides. Whether you are a programmer or something else, you are standing at the point of life where everything is going wrong. Now whether it can be a software that everyone has rejected,