8 important points to crack civil services examination

8 important points to crack civil srvices exams

1.If you want to become a civil servant, change your value orientations to becoming sincere, disciplined and committed.Start by reading online about the people who have cleared these exams. Take a look at their strategy.

2.Picking up recommended books and right study material is of utmost importance. The NCERT books are thought to be must-read by experts as well as successful candidates.

3.You need to pick the correct answer at the most closest answer among the four choices. But in the Mains exam it is not so, only the question is given and you have the freedom to write whatever answer you want or put your own ideas accordingly.

4.All your efforts will go in vain if you lose your cool on the exam day. It’s pertinent to read questions carefully and make sure that you do not make silly mistakes. In a relaxed state of mind, you will be able to answer questions accurately and in less time.

5.Choose an optional wisely. Never think that the optional should be chosen so that it necessarily helps you in GS. It doesn’t matter at all if your optional helps you in the GS paper or not.

6.Civil services exam is one tough nut to crack and will require you to stay calm and composed throughout the journey. So practice meditation or yoga for a peaceful mind.

8 important points to crack civil srvices exams

7. Work hard as there is no short cut to success and hard work never goes unrewarded. Every drop of sweat of your brow through hard work adds to the splendour of your bright career. Remember that there is no substitute to hard work. No one will come and help you.

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8.One thing you have to understand here is that UPSC will NEVER repeat a question.
So don’t mug up questions. It’ll be of no use. What will be of use is the fact that the ‘type’ of question might get repeated. Going through past year’s papers will will make you understand the scope of the questions being asked. So when you study different subjects, you will keep that in mind.

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